Eat, Play, and Love Style

The other day we were watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love, and were inspired to delve more in to one of our favorite past times; cooking. Whether it's making a lovely spread for our next Saturday night dinner party or baking croissants for Sunday brunch with the girls, we always add the ingredient of love to our recipes. 

In the movie, Julia Roberts found a passion for great food but who says you can’t do the same with great style. There is nothing more appealing than a well prepared dish presented with the same impeccable taste that is put in to fashion.  We like to think about food as a form of art. The amount of work that is put in to it just to make it delightfully pleasing in person and even more mouthwatering in photos is amazing and is now following in the same format as fashion.   

It’s not just a roasted chicken in a pan or a moist cake on a tier plate it is the style that ultimately makes the dish.  Just like fashion, food should be appetizing to the eye. Great style is the ultimate decision maker for selection. So whether it’s for a necklace or a slice of cake, it is always important to make a great lasting impression.

As we get dressed for our next event, we’ll be thinking about styling our food with the same effort that we do our clothing; meticulously thought out and always presented to accentuate our best assets!

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