The Journey to the Grand Bazaar

Waking up this morning in Turkey feels magnificent. The sounds, smells, and the taste of the foods of the country have been nothing short of enjoyable. We’re spending the day in one of the most treasured and iconic places in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar. Known for being the largest shopping market, it is the best place to shop for handmade jewelry, clothing and accessories, and antique finds.  With more than 5,000 shops and 60 streets, wearing comfortable shoes is not even an option!

The culture is so rich and inviting here and is one of the reasons why we love making the frequent trips back. The intricate detailing on a hand woven scarf or rug signifies not only the hard labor and passion put into making it but also represents the life of the people.  With every product that we find here and bring back to home with us, we’re bringing a piece of the people with us.

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