Relax, It’s Just Valentine’s Day

So today is Valentine’s Day and while it is supposed to be a wonderful day, we always manage to find ourselves feeling miserable. Why is that? Is it because we put so much pressure on ourselves to make sure that the person we are with really knows how we feel about them? We spend a copious amount of time planning the perfect date, in hopes that for one night, love will hit us like a thunderbolt and romantic gestures will be expressed like never before. For those of us who aren’t in a relationship, it is the one time of the year that causes us to reflect on just how single our lives actually are. 

If we took a moment to remember that Valentine’s Day is just simple another day, we would realize that the extravagant flower arrangement delivered to our co-worker or that couple who express PDA in front of us really wouldn’t matter on February 15th or even the 13th. So why let it bother us on the 14th

Instead of focusing on the commercial idea of love today, remember the feeling of it and share it with those people who have been there for your; your friends and family! If you’re single, be proud of it and plan a date with your closest friends to revel in the love you share together. Yet, if you find that all of your friends are in relationships (as it does happen around this time), treat yourself and remember what it is that makes you so unique and wonderful. Stop trying to put so much pressure on yourself and your date to have a perfect night and remember what it is that you enjoy about each other. 

This year let’s remember to call our family and share the love we have with them. Rejoice in the feeling of love itself and toss the other stuff to the side!

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