If It Was Only Just A Scarf

I love the sound of rain against my window pane as I wake up in the morning. As I get up to get dressed I look through my walk-in closet, (which is one of the highlights of the apartment that I live in) and strategically plan my look for the day. With the crazy weather that we have been experiencing lately, walking through the hustle and bustle of people on the wet streets of San Francisco will be a bit of a struggle without the proper layers of clothing. 

Before I leave my house to head out into the cold I grab my Gazel scarf because out of all of the scarves hanging in my closet, it’s the only one with a history.  When I first bought it, I fell in love with its unique and enriching story.  It’s made by Lalay, a company based in Turkey along the Asian Peninsula, known for its rich cultural ties to the Anatolian community and their values.  

Relying on the traditional practices of the Anatolian culture, Lalay creates fine quality woven scarves processed by skilled artisans through the use of hand looms. Originally made as loin cloths in the community, these scarves are made of 100% cotton and are a natural reflection of the historical artistry of the people. They believe in eco-friendly products that are not only luxurious but timeless pieces.  With the fine craftsmanship of their work, the scarves do not require a lot of cleaning after each wear.

As my face feels the first gust of cold air the moment I walk out of my apartment and the rain trickles down, I wrap my scarf closely around my neck and enjoy its soft texture knowing that I am carrying a piece of history with me.

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