Fall In Love with Ikat

I love this bag! It has quickly become my go to accessory this year because of its many characteristics. Clutches are always a great addition to any wardrobe because they allow you to create a more minimalistic look while forcing you to keep your content on the lighter side. As one of our most popular items, the Ikat Silk Leather Designer Clutch not only serves for minimalism, its multifaceted functionality are what make it such a desirable item. It is classy one minute, bohemian the next, and edgy the third, while always remaining timeless.

The designers Ebru and Berrak created a product that was not only chic, it’s unique in a way that no bag will ever look the same. The fabric is cut in a way so that the pattern is different from one bag to the next. The craftsmanship is spectacular with each clutch created from hand woven silk and leather with the pattern processed through silk screen printing. Just knowing that my bag is hand made in Istanbul and flown to the United States makes me feel as though it is a special and custom addition to my closet.

Pairing this bag with any outfit is easy because it can either be used for casual or sophisticated style. If I’m going grocery shopping, grabbing a latte, or having dinner downtown with friends at night, my Ikat clutch is right by my side.

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