Gazel represents the love I have for beauty, aesthetics, elegance, quality and minimalism. Most importantly, it represents the emotional and physical journey I’ve had from all the way from Turkey to the US and all the other beautiful places I traveled around the world. 

My main inspiration is derived from where I grew up. Turkey is a culture infused with jewelry and regardless of socio-economic level, every Turkish woman has a taste for jewelry. We all love our jewelry and cannot imagine an outfit without the right adornment. I have always had an emotional attachment to the business side of accessories as well. It is fascinating to me that there are generations of families dedicating their life to the art of jewelry making. I love that I am able to work with these artists and help them present their craft to different cultures.

I come from a sourcing/production background that allowed me to meet a lot of creative talents and very skilled artisans. I’ve always enjoyed working with them and creating every piece from scratch. It has been very exciting to see the process of creating a product and actively being a part of it. For every collection I create, I travel to Turkey from San Francisco and spend time with my artisan families and create all the beauty for Gazel hand in hand. We custom make every piece and try to create a unique experience for our customers and ourselves. I love sharing my passion with them and I extremely enjoy building a brand together.

Every company’s dream is becoming a brand sold all around the world. The fact that I make my product in my native country and sharing them with the people in my new home makes me believe that the dream came true for me in the best possible way. I’ve managed to connect my both identities under one roof. Every step of the way has been exciting and challenging for me. I am anxious to meet more families passing on their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the next generations and sharing this experience with my customers.                                                                                                                                                                                             


Pinar Badur Kunisch